I have always been passionately interested in science, and specifically evolution. For the past 15 years art has been my way of expoloring some of the still un-resolved questions about evolution. How does matter interact with energy? How do forces like gravity work at a distace? What causes systems to self-organize? For the last 5 years I have specifically been examining the emergence life - organic from inorganic, biology out of chemistry. Though I have, as yet, found no answers to these questions, I continue to enjoy the search.

"Evolution, Connections" 2000 #21"Evolution, Anti-Entropy" 2000 #30"Evolution, Big Bang- Waves to foam" 2000 #24"Evolution, Inorganic to Organic" 2000 #4"Evolution, Big Bang, Aggregate and Bubbles" 2000 #22"Evolution, New York Harbor" 2005 #28"Evolution, Big Bang, String Theory" 2000, #23"Evolution, Bubble Universe #1" 1998 #54"Evolution, Big Bang, Bubbles Rising" 2001 #33"Evolution, Matter, Self-Organizing" 1998, #60"Evolution, Energy becoming Matter" 2001 #38"Evolution, Waves to Particles to Computer, 1% and 5%" 96-2000 #36"Evolution, Energy/Matter" 2000 #1"Evolution, Bubble Universe/ Information Transmission" 1996-2000 #29"Evolution, Information Grid" 1998 #1 "Evolution,Waves to Particles to Computers" 1999-2000 #8