These paintings - landscapes, nudes, still-lives, interiors, and abstracts - are examples of work created while I was studying and searching for my own particular approach to making art. I still enjoy painting from the natural world.

"Alicia Beach Path" 1997"Under the Pier at Cape Shores "  1995"Under the Pier at Cape Shores, #2" 1995"Czech Woods"  1992"Lewes Beach West""Henlopen Wood's Path""Long Neck Woods" 1995"Cape Henlopen Point with Light Houses""Eleana and the Goldfish""Blue Girl with Orange Ribbon""Goat Skull, Josephine""Dog Skull with with Red " 1993"Driftwood""Orchidacious" 1993"Goat Skull""Great Aunt Caroline's Table" 1990 #313 "Beef Head, Vermont""Beaver Skull"  1994"Persimmons and Great Aunt Lucinda""Driftwood, Family Travelling""Sapievski Music, Santa Fe""Sapievski Music, Woods"